Black Tea

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  • Apricot Ceylon Tea

    A relaxing cup of indulgence with the mellow taste of Bogawantalawa Estate Ceylon black tea and the delicate flavor of apricot.

  • Chai Tea

    Quick, what’s the most popular drink among one billion Indians? Coffee? Nope. Tea? Close. It’s the exotic, aromatic and deeply relaxing Chai.

  • Earl Grey Tea

    One of the most famous, and rightfully distinctive teas in all the world, Earl Grey derives its unique flavor from oil of Bergamot.

  • English Breakfast Tea

    The brisk and invigorating blend of black teas from Sri Lankan Ceylon, Taiwanese Black Tea, and Chinese Keemun Black Tea.

  • Estate Darjeeling Tea

  • Pomegranate Blueberry Tea

    Our famous Lung Ching Dragonwell Green, premium Oolong, and Ceylon Teas infused with blueberry and pomegranate flavoring.

  • Tropical Passion Tea

    The romance of the South Sea Islands meets the strength of Chinese Black Tea in this tropical blend. Great as a brewed tea and as tea latte.

  • Vanilla Ceylon Tea

    This is a rich brew, built on a base of Bogawantalawa Estate Ceylon black tea, to which we've added sweet, buttery, vanilla flavoring.