Gourmet Sandwiches

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  • BBQ Chicken

    Side salad with bread (foccacia/panini), salad romain, tomatoes, BBG chicken, yakitori sauce & roasted sesame

  • Break ‘O Day

    Side Salad with foccacia bread, chicken sausage, scramble eggs, butter, jam & parley

  • Cheese & Tomato (vegetarian)

    Side salad with bread (foccacia/panini), tomato, pamersan cheese, cherry tomatoes, cashews & raisins

  • Chef’s Tuna

    Side salad with bread (foccacia/panini), salad romain cucumber, tuna cucumber, red onion & tomatoes

  • Egg Benedict

    Foccacia bread with jam (Orange/Apricot/Strawberry) butter & cream cheese

  • Egg Club Sandwich

    Side salad with bread (foccacia/panini), cheddar cheese, chicken ham, poached eggs & butter

  • Norwegian Smoked Salmon

    Side salad with bread (foccacia/panini), creamcheese, smoked salmon, boiled egg & red onion

  • Salmon Scramble

    Side salad with foccacia bread, scramble egg, mince of smoked salmon, ceasar sauce, butter & parley